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Breastfeeding Perspectives is proud to announce the availability of home consultations for mothers in the San Antonio area!!

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Are you ready for a consultation?

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Mindful Musings

All About Us…

Kathy Parkes has been in the lactation field for over 30 years.  She began as a volunteer counselor with La Leche League International after experiencing difficulties breastfeeding her first daughter.  At that time, LLLI was the only source of breastfeeding support, and with their help she was able to successfully breastfeed for the first year,…

The Global Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative – Where We Are Now

Mothers and families worldwide deserve the best support they can receive for their babies, especially when it comes breastfeeding. Giving a little one the best start possible by providing optimal nutrition, love and care are vital to the growth of a child. Breastfeeding meet all three of those needs. That’s why Breastfeeding Perspectives supports the…

August is National Breastfeeding Month

As we celebrate August as National Breastfeeding Month, I wanted to share this great link.  Enjoy.