Pro Tips! Here are just a few tips from the professionals at Breastfeeding Perspectives.

  1. Breastfeeding is supported for at least twelve months, with nothing other than breast milk for the first six months, by these organizations:
  1. New mothers are not expected to be breast pump experts. With the Affordable Care Act, many insurance companies are providing new breast pumps to the breastfeeding mother with a newborn. How do you decide which pump is a good one for your specific needs? Here are several helpful tips:
    • All pumps are not made for all mothers.
    • The majority of purchasable pumps as well as those provided through insurance are NOT meant to be shared between mothers. Even if you’ve been told you can buy new pumping kit parts.
    • The only pumps that are created, safety as well as durability wise, are the high cost rentable pumps, usually carried through your local hospital’s Lactation Center, or a reputable IBCLC.
    • Breastfeeding Perspectives can help you whittle down that long list of pump possibilities to just 3 or 4 from which you can choose. We do not carry or sell breast pumps, so we will be happy to refer you to a location to get the pump of your choice. Or help you get that through your insurance provider.
  1. When you are ready to wean your breastfeeding baby, do NOT stop cold-turkey. This virtually guarantees painful engorgement and the potential for a breast infection (mastitis). We can offer you a package of consults to help you get to the goal of your choice, whether that be complete weaning, nursing only at bedtime, or daytime weaning. You set the goal, and we help you reach it in the timeframe that meets your goal.
  1. Be prepared for your return to an outside employment situation. Give yourself ample time to establish a copious milk supply, have a high-quality breast pump, begin storing your milk and aim for at least a week’s worth of frozen milk prior to your first day back, find a daycare situation you are completely comfortable with, and gently introduce a bottle to your little one. We can help you determine when to begin pumping, how to best store your milk, provide breast milk storage and feeding information for your daycare provider, and teach you how to gently introduce a bottle. Just give us a call at 210-834-5399.